310 Permit Activity

This chart shows which permits are required under specific conditions based on where your project will take place: streambed, streambanks, wetlands, or floodplain.


Using this diagram, determine where your activity will occur. The letters refer to the permits listed below.

Key Permit Required Agency Contact
A Montana Stream Protection Act (124)
(For Government Agencies Only)
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks 454-5853
B Stormwater Discharge General Permits Dept. of Environmental Quality 444-2406
C Streamside Management Zone Law Dept. Natural Resources & Conservation 751-2240
D Montana Floodplain and Floodway Management Act Glacier County Planning 454-6905
E Water Quality Standard for Turbidity (318) Dept. of Environmental Quality 444-4626
F Montana Natural Streambed and Land Preservation Act (310) Glacier Conservation District 727-3603
G Montana Land-use License or Easement on Navigable Waters Dept. of Natural Resources & Conservation/Special Uses 751-2263
H Montana Water Use Act Dept. of Natural Resources & Conservation 752-2288
I Federal Clean Water Act (Section 404) US Army Corp of Engineers 441-1375
J Federal Rivers and Harbors Act (Section 10) US Army Corp of Engineers 441-1375
K Other laws that may apply