PIC_CROPTOURAnnual Crop Tour and BBQ

Each year in July GCCD and Western Triangle Research Center out of Conrad come together to offer a day designed to instruct local producers on the new varieties of wheat, barley and other crop seeds being developed and tested by Montana State University.  John Miller with the WTRC does a great job of educating all participants with the current year’s variety test plots. Not only does he provide information on what the variety types  are, but also how each variety has held up against the local natural elements include the creatures that tend to cause havoc to producers crops as well. Following the crop tour, GCCD provides a wonderful BBQ with featured guest speakers.  It is a great opportunity for anyone interested in what is happening in and around Glacier County in the crop world. GCCD highly encourages everyone to join us.  For more information contact the GCCD officePIC_BBQ02