PIC_GLACIERINTHEPARK01Conservation in the Park

Conservation in the Park is an educational program developed to instructed students grades K-12 on conservation practices using fun filled hands on activities.  This is a no cost participation event that takes place in August every year.  The program was started in August of 2000 with the idea of developing conservation awareness to the students of Glacier County.  Glacier County Conservation District, NRCS, FSA, MSU Extension and FWP partner up each year for this one day event to engage students and bring awareness to subjects like soil health, water conservation, wind energy, and other conservation concerns. The overall goal is to teach our students the importance of taking care of the natural resources that have been placed in our hands to maintain and protect for future generations. This day is full of great activities and a lot of fun for the kids.  GCCD encourages students of all ages to participate. Contact GCCD office for more information. PIC_GLACIERINTHEPARK02