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Riparian Areas

Riparian areas are the water rich land areas surrounding water.  They are some of the most productive pastures we have, but must be managed carefully.  Learn about grazing management in these sensitive areas at Montana State’s extension service website – Stream and Riparian Managment

Helping Farmers Save Energy and Resources

The National Center for Appropriate Technology website is a great resource for training, publications, websites, technical assistance and helplines about technologies that can help farmers and ranchers keep pace with our changing world. Learn the latest & local info on farm self-sufficiency. Click

Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan

The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) can help by providing technical and financial assistance for the development of alternative uses of manure, timing and application, storage facilities, and improved feeding management technologies. Check it out at

Irrigation Management

ADD IN THE MACD STUDY Find out how to maximize production with the minimum amount of water, while protecting our limited resources. Learn about irrigation for alfalfa, wheat and other crops, tools of the trade and more at

Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable agriculture is one that produces abundant food without depleting the earth’s resources or polluting its environment.

The National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service has resources to help you manage your farm to maximize production and maintain the health of your land. Link directly to their resources below or go to the

ATTRA Homepage

Targeted Grazing – a natural approach to vegetation management and landscape enhancement

Agricultural Water Conservation Clearinghouse

The Agricultural Water Conservation Clearinghouse website is a portal for all kinds of tools and electronic resources on how to save water in agriculture, through increased crop water use efficiency, improved irrigation application efficiency, increased capture and utilization of precipitation, adoption of new technologies for water management, and other methods. There is a searchable library, a set of tools and guidebooks, and links to state-specific resources. The clearinghouse was developed by university partners in the northern Great Plains, and funded by the US Department of Agriculture.

Farmers & Ranchers

More information is on our Farmers & Ranchers page

Agricultural News

  • More on Cover Cropping “Cover crops a good step toward soil and livestock health” is the name of this informational article from the High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal.  Check it out and the related articles by clicking the link here….
  • Research Reveals Benefits of Rain-Fed Winter Cover Crops Even farmers in areas with just seven inches of rain per year can reap the benefits of winter cover crops without irrigation, University of California research has found. Growing a winter cover crop helps retain soil nitrogen, improves water infiltration,
  • Pollinators have Preferences A recent study done in the UK has shown that some plants are disproportionately linked to important food webs.
  • Montana Specialty Crop Grants The Montana Department of Agriculture is seeking proposals for projects that enhance the competitiveness of specialty crops. Projects must qualify in one or more of the following areas: increasing nutrition knowledge and consumption of specialty crops.

How to Improve Soil Health and Cut Ag Expenses