Cost Share

At this time Glacier County Conservation District does not offer any Cost Share programs directly through the district. There are other agency resources available and GCCD would be glad to assist in any way to direct individuals to the best fit agency.

• Diversion replacement/upgrade

• Fish Screen Installation

• Grade stabilization structures (to control grade and head cutting)

• Irrigation delivery ditch upgrade

• Riparian forest buffers

• Streambank/shoreline protection

• Stream channel stabilization/vegetation

Wildlife habitat improvements: 

• Restoration and improvement of native plant communities

• Wetland restoration

• Wildlife habitat improvement (improving food, water or cover for wildlife)

Erosion control: 

• Filter strips (vegetation planted to remove sedi-ment, organic matter or other pollutants from runoff/wastewater)

• Grassed waterways

• Grass/forb seedlings

• Tree/Shrub planting

• Wildfire rehabilitation measures (planting of trees/shrubs/native grasses)

Uplands improvement: 

• Fencing (cross fencing or fencing of ripari-an areas for livestock management)

• Fire protection/prevention

• Forest site preparation

• Forest stand improvement (pre-commercial thinning)

• Pest management/weed control

• Reforestation (planting conifers)

• Spring development